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Working Through the 10 Emotional Stages of Divorce with Jackie Pilossoph

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster. You might feel shock, fear, hope, sadness, gratitude and anger—and that’s just in one afternoon. So, what can you expect to feel as you move through the divorce process? And how can you work through those emotional stages with as much grace and dignity as possible?

Jackie Pilossoph is the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Divorced Girl Smiling, an online divorce support community designed to empower and inspire women and men during and after divorce. A former television journalist with a Master’s in Communication, Jackie is committed to helping people navigate divorce with grace, courage and gratitude. She is also the author of the Better Magazine weekly column Love Essentially.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Jackie joins Katherine to discuss the ten emotional stages of divorce, describing the initial shock divorcing couples feel and the sadness that accompanies the end of a relationship. She explains why getting lawyers involved can induce panic and anxiety and explores how anger can either be destructive OR drive us to make necessary change. Listen in for Jackie’s insight around the feelings of hope and empowerment you can expect as you work through the process and learn how to navigate the strong, conflicting emotions that come with divorce.


How her own feelings of isolation inspired Jackie to write about divorce

The very strong, conflicting emotions you feel through the divorce process

Jackie’s insight around the ten emotional stages of divorce

  1. Shock and disbelief
  2. Sadness
  3. Panic, fear and anxiety
  4. Anger and resentment
  5. Tinge of excitement and hope
  6. Frustration
  7. Gratitude
  8. Acceptance
  9. Empowerment
  10. Peace

What couples can do to find their way through divorce and avoid a lawsuit

How anger can be destructive OR drive us to make necessary changes

The experiences that might offer us a feeling of empowerment in divorce

Why it’s crucial to be patient as you navigate a lengthy divorce process

Developing a sense of gratitude for what was good about your marriage

Jackie’s advice around who to talk to first if you’re considering a divorce


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