EP: 173

Annie J. Allen

Why You Need a Post-Divorce Healing Retreat With Annie J. Allen

Has your divorce left you exhausted and longing to get away from it all? 

When a marriage ends, most people are physically and emotionally drained. After all the chaos, a week zoning out on a beach in the sun somewhere sounds just about perfect. But what if you could combine a relaxing retreat with intentional practices designed to help you process your feelings?

After her divorce, Annie Allen shifted from her former training as a Certified Marriage and Family Counselor to Certified Divorce & Life Transition Coaching®. Now she helps people through private and group coaching, her Starting Over Stronger Divorce Survival & Recovery podcast, and specialized post-divorce healing retreats. 

On this episode of the podcast, Annie joins Katherine to share how post-divorce healing retreats offer structured activities, designed to help participants find closure so healing can begin.


What is a post-divorce healing retreat

Why do people need to heal post-divorce

The secret insight that leads to therapy success

When marriage therapy offers the best chance to heal a relationship

How a structured post-divorce retreat helps to bring about emotional healing

Why intentional rest helps you hear your innermost self

The key that helps people find peace during a healing retreat

How to gain the strength and clarity to set boundaries and effect change

The most important part of a post-divorce healing retreat


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