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Why Prenups Aren’t Just for the Rich & Famous with Soumya Evans

A marriage is more than a romantic alliance. In the eyes of the law, saying I do makes you part of a financial partnership and social unit. And that has implications for EVERY couple, not just the rich and famous. So, what makes a prenuptial agreement a good idea? Is there a way to initiate the discussion without offending your husband- or wife-to-be?

Soumya Evans is a family lawyer, trained mediator and experienced litigator with a clear understanding of the emotional and psychological issues affecting families in separation and divorce. She has been practicing family law exclusively since 2013 and joined Miller Law Group 18 months ago to continue her work helping divorcing couples find solutions that prioritize the family’s wellbeing.

On this episode of the podcast, Soumya joins Katherine to explain why everyone should consider a prenuptial agreement, describing how it creates guidelines for a couple in the event of divorce or death. She introduces us to the difference between separate versus marital property and describes what can and cannot be dictated by the terms of a prenup. Listen in for Soumya’s insight on raising the issue in a non-adversarial way and learn how a prenuptial agreement can benefit you and your future spouse.


How a prenuptial agreement creates guidelines in the event to divorce or death

Why every couple should consider a prenuptial agreement

How estate planning can be customized to your specific circumstances

The difference between separate property and marital property

Why a prenup can be especially important if you have children from a prior relationship

What can and cannot be dictated by the terms of a prenuptial agreement

How a lawyer can help a less-moneyed partner understand their rights and negotiate for the best possible arrangement under a prenuptial agreement

How long before the wedding Soumya recommends negotiating the prenup

How to raise the issue of a prenup in a non-adversarial way

Why you shouldn’t be offended if your partner asks you to consider a prenup


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