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To Heal from Divorce, Move Through Your Grief with Whitney Boole

Do you feel stuck in the pain of divorce? Are you having a hard time moving on? Like any other loss, divorce triggers the grief process. And you have to move through the stages of grief if you want to heal.

Whitney Boole is the licensed marriage and family therapist behind Beach Cities Psychotherapy, a private practice based in Hermosa Beach, California, where she specializes in trauma, codependency, relationship issues, parenting and grief and loss. Whitney is also the author of You Got This: Healing Through Divorce and the creator of Heal Through Divorce, a platform designed to empower people through the divorce process and offer them the therapeutic tools for healing.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogue, Whitney joins Katherine to share her own experience of loneliness in divorce, describing the journey of self-discovery that helped her move through the pain and take advantage of the opportunity for transformation. She explains why it’s crucial to lean into self-care during the divorce process and introduces us to breathing techniques for harnessing our fear in challenging circumstances. Listen in for Whitney’s insight on renegotiating relationships with friends and family when a marriage ends and learn how to navigate the stages of grief and heal through divorce.


How Whitney’s experience of loneliness in divorce inspired You Got This

Whitney’s insight on renegotiating friendships in the aftermath of divorce

The grief involved when our relationships with our former in-laws change

The danger in dating before you’ve moved through the pain and grief of divorce

Who would benefit most from reading You Got This

Whitney’s advice on leaning into self-care as you begin the divorce process

Whitney’s guidance around choosing a divorce lawyer carefully

Using breathing techniques to harness your fear and be less reactive

The opportunity for healing, transformation and growth that comes from divorce

Understanding that your ex’s infidelity is not a reflection on your worth


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