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The Legal and Emotional Intersection of Divorce with Jill Murray & Adam Dodge

Making the decision to end a marriage is stressful enough. But for those women who have been misled or misinformed about their legal rights, it may not feel like they have any choice at all. There is so much overlap between the emotional and legal aspects of divorce, women need guidance that encompasses both elements of the process.

Jill Murray is one of the nation’s leading experts on unhealthy relationships. She has appeared on CNN, Dr. Phil, The Today Show and Good Morning America. Adam Dodge is a former divorce attorney who now serves as Legal Director of Laura’s House, an emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Together, Jill and Adam wrote The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Divorce, a resource to help women navigate the decision to end a marriage, the legal and emotional components of the process, and the challenges of the aftermath.

Today, Jill and Adam join Katherine to discuss the intersection between the legal and emotional aspects of divorce. Jill explains how she conceived of the idea for The Empowered Woman’s Guide… and how it serves as a tool for therapists, lawyers and women considering divorce. Adam shares how he came to work with victims of domestic violence, his role in providing women with accurate legal information, and the important idea of ‘actions as evidence.’ Listen in for insight around the idea of love as a behavior, not just a feeling, and how to approach safely collecting information about your financial situation as you consider divorce.


How Jill conceived the idea for The Empowered Woman’s Guide…

The intersection between the emotional and legal aspects of divorce

What led Adam to work with victims of domestic violence

Adam’s shift to empowering clients to represent themselves

Jill and Adam’s seamless writing process

How the book affords choice to women considering divorce

The subjects and opportunities to explore post-divorce

Adam’s role in providing women with accurate legal information

How the book functions as a resource for therapists and lawyers

The feelings of loss and fear experienced by men in the divorce process

The idea of ‘actions as evidence’

Jill’s insight around love as a behavior, not just a feeling

Collecting accurate data related to finances, laws in your jurisdiction

How children deserve two emotionally healthy parents


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