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“The magic, for me, about Collaborative [Divorce] and the reason why I’ve seen it work is because in the process itself, that idea of being heard and understood about what matters to you—what do you want—is front and center.”

Abby Rosmarin is a member of the Mediation and Arbitration Practice Group with the firm McCarthy Fingar and a coach in the collaborative divorce process, drawing on her experience as both an attorney and a therapist to mediate a wide range of family disputes. Abby also serves as the Executive Director of the NYACP, a group of collaborative professionals committed to helping couples in New York reduce conflict and reach a divorce agreement that meets the needs of the entire family. In addition, she recently joined Jeffrey Steiger in the launch of Pivotal Moments, a breakthrough group experience that supports people in navigating life transitions.

Today, Abby sits down with Katherine to explain the fundamentals of collaborative divorce, offering her take on the magic of being heard at the center of the process. She speaks to the work of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, describing the organization’s selective membership model and its commitment to educating the community at large about the collaborative option. Abby covers the disqualification clause in collaborative divorce, discussing how it ensures that the professionals involved are committed to finding a resolution. Listen in for information about Pivotal Moments and learn how the group helps people in transition craft a plan for change.


The fundamentals of collaborative divorce

  • Team approach to structured process
  • Restructure family without litigation

The idea of being heard at the center of the collaborative process

How the collaborative process integrates dignity and respect

How fair treatment during divorce builds hope for the future

The work of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals

  • Trade organization for professionals
  • Educate community about process

How selective membership in the NYACP ensures high standards

The reasoning behind the disqualification clause in collaborative

  • Attorneys cannot represent client in litigation
  • Ensures all 100% committed to process

How the disqualification clause facilitates honest discussion

The mental health professional’s role in enabling communication

How Pivotal Moments supports people in working toward a fulfilling life

  • Make sense of transition, craft plan for change
  • Identify and work through barriers in supportive environment



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