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The Blueprint for a Better Divorce With Paulette Rigo

Technology makes it easy for divorcing couples to express their anger and frustration without thinking. They engage in text warfare and even post disparaging comments on social media. 

But if the goal is to divorce with dignity, the way you communicate matters. So, what can you do to be less reactive and work through the entire process in a measured way? 

Paulette Rigo is the founder of Better Divorce Academy, a platform dedicated to helping people create an optimal divorce experience. Paulette is also a Certified Divorce Coach, Mediator, Transition and Recovery Coach, Career Transition Specialist and author of the Amazon bestseller, Better Divorce Blueprint: Divorce Made Smoother, Easier and Better for You and Your Family.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Paulette joins Katherine to explore the contemplation phase leading up to a divorce and explain how to decide whether divorce is right for you. She describes what a successful divorce looks like and offers insight into the most common mistakes women make in the early stages of divorce. Listen in for Paulette’s advice on choosing the right divorce process and learn how to communicate with your soon-to-be ex in a way that mitigates conflict and maintains your dignity.


How to decide if divorce is right for you

What steps to take in the pre-divorce contemplation phase

Why Paulette’s own divorce turned into an 8-year litigated experience

What a successful divorce looks like

Conducting yourself in a way you feel good about throughout the divorce process

The common mistakes women make in the early stages of divorce

Why you should never send a text or post on social media when you’re angry

The BIFF strategy for communicating with a soon-to-be ex

The role trust plays in a successful mediation 

How to choose the right divorce process 


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