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Stop Poisoning Your Heart and Divorce with Compassion with Neelama Eyres & Michael Schiesser

Holding on to bitterness and resentment is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.

It is so much easier to blame someone who has caused you pain than it is to own your part in it and develop compassion for the hurt they are feeling—particularly in the case of divorce. But if you have the courage to open yourself up to another person’s pain, it is possible to heal and grow in your capacity for empathy and understanding.

Neelama Eyres and Michael Schiesser are the co-founders of the Inner Journey Institute. Since 1999, the pair has facilitated the personal, professional and spiritual transformation of thousands of people. Michael and Neelama were married in 2002 and their son, Kai, was born in 2004. But in 2006, their marriage came to an abrupt end, and they began a transformational journey of their own. After an intense two-year process, Neelama and Michael established a loving friendship and a dedication to co-parenting their son. That journey became the blueprint for their Healing Divorce Intensive as well as the memoir, Divorced with Love.

Today, Michael and Neelama join Katherine to share their story, discussing the healing work they did in the aftermath of their divorce for the sake of their son, their business and their friendship. Michael explains how blame prevented him from owning his part in the breakup, and Neelama describes how guilt provided a barrier of protection that kept her from recognizing Michael’s pain. They walk us through the process that allowed them to stop ‘poisoning their own hearts’ and grow in their capacity for compassion. Listen in to understand the value in recognizing that our experience of reality is subjective and learn Neelama and Michael’s approach to healing through self-awareness and empathy.


The healing work Michael and Neelama did in the aftermath of their divorce

Neelama and Michael’s commitment to personal growth and transformation

How blame prevented Michael from owning his part in the breakup

Neelama’s insight on how her guilt created a barrier of protection

The freedom that comes from realizing you can’t change what the other person did

The process that allowed Michael and Neelama to stop ‘poisoning their own hearts’

How writing Divorced with Love brought Neelama and Michael to a new level of healing

How science confirms that our individual experience of reality is subjective

The way your heart grows in its capacity for empathy by way of conflict

Michael and Neelama’s approach to healing

  • Learn to be present to own feelings
  • Step into other person’s shoes


Inner Journey Institute


Divorced with Love: Our Journey Through Heartbreak and Separation into Forgiveness and Friendship by Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres

The Healing Heart Protocol


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