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Step One on the Path to Happily Divorced with India Kern

If you’ve been blindsided by an unwanted divorce, the prospect of feeling joy again one day may seem impossible. But if you’re willing to do the work, you CAN choose better over bitter and take the first steps on the path to happily divorced.

India Kern is the Divorce Recovery Mentor behind India Kern Coaching, a practice dedicated to guiding clients through the transition from married to happily divorced. She specializes in working with people who feel stuck in their divorce pain, helping them gain confidence, build a sense of security, and find joy again. India is also the author of Surviving the Unwanted Divorce: Discover a Purpose-Driven Life After the Devastation of Divorce.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, India joins Katherine to share what it means to be happily divorced and explain how she learned who she was after her own marriage ended. She describes what uncertainty does to the mind, body and soul, challenging us to take inventory of our physical, emotional and spiritual health as a counterbalance to the fear of divorce. Listen in for India’s insight on moving through the grief in order to heal and learn how to take your first step on the path to happily divorced!


How India’s own painful divorce inspired her career as a divorce coach

India’s description of what it means to be happily divorced

Why women who define themselves through other people are rocked by divorce

How to ‘welcome yourself back home’ in the aftermath of divorce

The value in keeping a journal to track your progress + clarify your thoughts

What fear and uncertainty does to your mind, body and soul

The three areas of focus that help counterbalance the fear of divorce

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional wellbeing
  3. Spiritual life

Why moving through your grief is necessary in order to heal

How grief comes back up if you don’t deal with it effectively

The first step to get you started on the path to happily divorced


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Surviving the Unwanted Divorce: Discover a Purpose-Driven Life After the Devastation of Divorce by India L. Kern