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Selling Your Home in the Divorce Process with Anthony Sibio

The divorce process initiates a time of radical change and transformation, and one major part of that change involves a potential change of address. As you and your ex-partner separate your assets, it may be necessary to sell the home you shared and make arrangements for a new place to live.

Anthony Sibio is a licensed broker with Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Anthony has served the Pleasantville area for 15 years, and he sees his role as that of a trusted advisor tasked with helping each client achieve their particular goals. Anthony is a graduate of Iona College in New Rochelle, where he earned a BBA in marketing.

Today, Anthony joins Katherine to explain how he handles a sale when the circumstances involve divorce. He discusses the seller’s tendency to overestimate the value of their home and walks us through his approach to comparative market analysis. Anthony speaks to the necessity of having a plan in place should your home sell quickly as well as the feasibility of keeping your children in the same school district. Listen in for Anthony’s insight on choosing the right broker, staging your home, and creating curb appeal.


Why a real estate broker should remain neutral in cases of divorce

The broker’s responsibility to communicate with both parties

The seller’s tendency to overestimate their home’s value

How Anthony carries out a comparative market analysis

  • Walk through home, take notes
  • Research nearby sales in last six months

Anthony’s tips around staging your home to look spacious and tidy

The benefits of pricing your home at fair market value

How to garner the best possible price despite difficult circumstances

How Anthony reasons with sellers who are overpricing their homes

  • Provide range based on data
  • Bank refuses mortgage if not fair market value

Anthony’s take on the value of curb appeal

How to choose a good broker if you’re going through a divorce

The necessity of having a plan in place should your home sell quickly

The best times of year to put your home on the market

The feasibility of keeping your kids in the same school district

Why Anthony recommends the option to buy out the other party

How a broker’s consult differs from an appraiser’s analysis of fair market value


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