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Sell Your Stuff & Start Fresh After Divorce with Tiffany Ann Beverlin

It’s difficult enough to move forward with your life after a divorce. But it’s harder yet if you’re still surrounded by the furniture, jewelry, or art acquired during the marriage. Tiffany Ann Beverlin argues that it’s not necessarily healthy to live among the ashes of broken marriage when you’re trying to build a new life. But where can you go to sell those items and get a fair price? Are there options beyond eBay or the local pawn shop?

Tiffany Ann is the Founder and CEO of Dreams Recycled, an online marketplace that specializes in selling items from a divorce, including engagement rings, bedroom sets and wedding dresses. Dreams Recycled also serves as an educational platform and resource guide, and the site has been recognized as the #1 divorce community in the US. In addition to running Dreams Recycled, Tiffany is a Certified Life Coach, Divorce Expert and author of My Dreams Recycled.

On this episode, Tiffany Ann joins Katherine to explain how her own divorce inspired the creation of Dreams Recycled, sharing the challenge she faced in reentering the workforce after 10-plus years as a stay-at-home mom. She describes the trend toward living with less she has seen in her work, offering insight around how the money generated from selling marital items can facilitate a new beginning. Listen in for Tiffany Ann’s advice on fighting for what really matters in a divorce and learn how you can benefit from letting go of the material things acquired during a marriage that’s ended.


How Tiffany Ann’s own divorce inspired the creation of Dreams Recycled

The challenge Tiffany Ann faced in reentering the workforce after a decade as a stay-at-home mom

What it takes to start your own business as a parent of three

The emotional relief associated with letting go of items like your engagement ring

How Tiffany Ann thinks about deciding what to keep and what to sell

The trend toward living with less that Tiffany Ann has seen in her work

Turning the money generated from selling marital items into a new beginning

The negativity and trauma that may be attached to jewelry

Tiffany Ann’s advice for couples considering or initiating the divorce process

  • When in doubt, take high road
  • Stand up for best interest of children
  • Know WHAT fighting for + WHO up against
  • Allow lawyer to act as buffer
  • Get informed re: divorce law your state


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