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No matter the circumstances, divorce is intensely emotional, and we tend to focus on the internal journey of people navigating the process. But what about the externals? The space where we live and the objects we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on the way we feel—and designing a new space or reclaiming an old one can go a long way to helping people move on with their lives post-divorce.

Jodi Topitz is the founder of we2me, a unique interior design firm for divorcing couples and families in transition. Jodi supports clients in reclaiming their current home or moving to a new space, creating an uplifting environment and restoring a sense of permanency in their lives. Jodi discovered the healing impact of color and design in the aftermath of her own divorce, and she is passionate about connecting people to their space in a way that helps them achieve serenity and move forward.

Today, Jodi sits down with Katherine to talk about the value of creating a comforting environment, especially in the aftermath of a divorce. She discusses the emotional attachment we feel to certain objects and how color can serve as an instant mood-altering tool. Jodi shares her process, from assessing the items her clients have to deciding what goes and what stays to determining a color palette. Listen in for Jodi’s insight on why children need to feel at home with both parents and how our physical space impacts the way we feel internally.


The value in creating a comforting environment

How design can restore your sense of permanency

The emotional attachment to objects we carry with us

The importance of the bedroom as a sanctuary

How color functions as a mood-altering tool

Jodi’s process of working with divorcing clients

  • Assess items they have
  • Make decisions based on size
  • Determine color palette, placement

How Jodi works within the client’s budget

The way our physical space impacts how we feel internally

Jodi’s insight on the ideal time to engage her services

The significance of children feeling at home with both parents

How Jodi designs children’s rooms to make them feel safe



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