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Reclaiming Your Power After a Divorce You Didn’t Choose with Denise LaRue

How do you reclaim your power after a divorce—especially if the breakup wasn’t your decision? It starts with making yourself a priority and getting the support necessary to step out of your role as a victim. And if you’re willing to explore your trauma and do the work necessary to heal, the reward is an opportunity to contribute your best self to the world.

Denise LaRue is the trauma-informed life coach behind Denise LaRue Coaching, a practice dedicated to helping women reclaim their power and pursue life on their terms. After 15 years spent climbing the corporate ladder, Denise realized that something was missing. That’s when she traded in the golden handcuffs for a life of freedom and fulfillment. Today, Denise leverages her personal experiences to help clients navigate seasons of change, get unstuck and create their own purpose-filled life.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Denise joins Katherine to discuss her role as a trauma-informed life coach, explaining how our childhood experiences shape the adults we become. She addresses how to take ownership of your contribution to the breakup of a relationship and give yourself the healing gift of forgiveness. Listen in for Denise’s insight on taking back your power in the aftermath of a divorce you didn’t choose and learn to make yourself a priority on the journey to living your best life.


Denise’s role as a trauma-informed life coach

How childhood trauma shapes the adult you become

The panic attack that inspired Denise to walk away from her corporate job

Taking back your power in the aftermath of a divorce you didn’t choose

Why you owe it to the world to make yourself a priority

How Denise’s view of forgiving her ex shifted

The powerful exercise Denise uses to help clients forgive

Taking ownership for your contribution to the breakup of a relationship

Denise’s advice on being led by your intuition

Exploring your past for clues re: your purpose in the world


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