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Reclaiming a Sense of Control in the Divorce Process with Sonia Queralt

Once you have made the difficult decision to divorce, a sense of urgency sets in. You want to get through the painful process as quickly as possible. Yet it is unwise to make snap decisions when you’re under that kind of emotional stress. How do you give yourself time to process what is going on? How do you define your non-negotiables and use them to reclaim a sense of control? And how do you find the right professionals to guide you through the divorce process?

Sonia Queralt is a former divorce litigator and founder of Divorceify, an online platform designed to help clients take a holistic approach to divorce. The site employs machine learning to match people in all stages of the process with vetted professionals and resources customized to their specific needs. A former divorce attorney, Sonia founded Divorceify in 2015 to offer divorce consumers the technology and tools to navigate the process efficiently and with confidence.

Today, Sonia joins Katherine to explain how her background as a divorce litigator and her own unhappy marriage inspired the launch of Divorceify. She discusses how every divorce is different and shares advice on navigating the early stages of the process. Sonia also describes how defining your non-negotiables affords you more control and why you should avoid making any snap decisions under immense emotional stress. Listen in for Sonia’s insight on interviewing divorce attorneys in order to find the right match and learn how Divorceify can identify what’s not going well in the divorce process—and help you pivot if necessary.


How Divorceify’s unique technology matches people with vetted professionals

Sonia’s mission to eliminate the shame associated with divorce

Sonia’s insight into how every divorce is different

How Sonia’s experience as a litigator and her own divorce inspired Divorceify

Sonia’s advice on navigating the early stages of the divorce process

  1. Own truth about situation and create support system
  2. Create small-scale vision and take baby steps forward
  3. Allow self to feel, mourn and get through emotions

Why you should NOT make any snap decisions under the stress of divorce

How defining your non-negotiables affords more control in the process

How Divorceify helps you identify what’s not going well and pivot if necessary

Why an attorney with an aggressive approach doesn’t work for most divorces

Sonia’s tips on interviewing divorce attorneys to find the right match

Why you should run from a divorce attorney who claims to help people win



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