Dr. Julie Verner

Positive Parenting Post-Divorce With Dr. Julie Verner

Divorce can often be the impetus for changing the way we parent into a new child-centered approach.

Dr. Julie Varner is a clinical psychologist specializing in parenting and family life, including divorce and family transitions. As a married mother of four, she brings compassion and understanding to her professional work and a passion for raising and loving the little people in our lives. Besides her clinical work, she helps families through Instagram at Divorce Doodles and her children's books that explore ways to help free kids from big life burdens so they can get back to being kids.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Dr. Varner joins Katherine to discuss how to relate to your children in an emotionally warm way while still offering behavioral support and guidance through positive parenting.

Listen in as Dr. Varner shares why positive parenting works. She offers insight into why divorce is an optimal time to transition your parenting style to help facilitate cognitive and social competencies so your child can succeed in the real world and cultivate satisfying lifelong relationships.

Topics Covered

What positive parenting is and isn't

The key to helping children learn to regulate their behavior and emotions for positive lives

How respectful dialog with your children supports their cognitive development

What is an activating event in ‌positive parenting

How positive parenting helps children develop trust in adults

Why positive parenting is the superglue that creates satisfying lifelong parent-child relationships

How to stop being a fixer so your children can learn to process their own feelings

How to stop projecting your thoughts and ideas onto your kids

The number 1 thing that leads to permissive parenting during a divorce

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