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Organizing a Space to Support Your Best Self Post-Divorce with Janine Sarna-Jones

Let’s face it: We are emotionally attached to our stuff. During major life transitions like divorce, downsizing, or dealing with a death in the family, that attachment is exacerbated by the emotional upheaval that accompanies change. How can a professional organizer help you learn to ‘treasure hunt’ rather than just keep things for the sake of keeping them? And how do you design a space to support the person you are becoming in the aftermath of these key life transitions?

Janine Sarna-Jones is the founder and president of Organize Me Inc., a firm that offers moving and relocation, hands-on organizing and estate clearance services. She has been helping people get organized at home and at work for 26 years, and her client roster includes corporate executives, small business owners, moms, artists and nonprofit organizations. Janine is a member of the inaugural class of Certified Professional Organizers, and she has been featured on radio, in print and online as a member of Parenting magazine’s Mom Squad.

Today, Janine joins Katherine to share her objective, non-judgmental approach to organizing for a move, explaining how she supports her clients through major life transitions. She walks us through the first steps of her process, from determining the scope of a project to preparing for a move or reorganization. Janine addresses the emotional upheaval that comes with every major life transition, discussing why clients look to her for permission to let go. Listen in for insight around reclaiming a space in the aftermath of divorce and learn how to design an environment that supports the person you are becoming!


Janine’s objective, non-judgmental approach to organizing for a move

The value of a professional with no emotional attachment to our stuff

How Janine supports clients emotionally through major life transitions

Janine’s first step to determine the scope of a project

How Janine’s team helps clients make choices around what to keep

Janine’s philosophy around keeping things that really are meaningful

How a good organizer coaches clients through the process

The emotional upheaval that comes with every life transition

Why clients look to Janine for permission to let go

What it means to be a certified professional organizer

Janine’s approach to reorganizing a single room

How Janine supports divorcing clients in reclaiming a space

  • ‘Organize for person they are becoming’
  • Action plan to break into smaller steps

The importance of designing a space to support your best self


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