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Navigating the Four Stages of Divorce with Liza Caldwell

If you’re reading this, you are likely familiar with the first stage of the divorce process, the stage Liza Caldwell identifies as Something is Wrong. The problem with stage one is that you can get stuck there, lost in a vicious cycle with your own thoughts. How do you move forward? Where can you go for support in taking action? And what resources are available to help you reinvent yourself once the divorce is final?

Liza Caldwell is the co-founder and director of SAS for Women: Support and Solutions for Thriving Beyond Divorce, an organization that provides resources and coaching for women who are considering, in the process of, or recovering from divorce. Liza earned her MA in gender and leadership development from Columbia University’s Teachers College, and she is a certified professional coach trained through Leadership That Works.

Today, Liza joins Katherine to explain how she came to co-found SAS for Women. She shares the four-stage divorce roadmap that SAS uses to help women manage their expectations and navigate each phase of the journey. Liza and Katherine discuss what makes a good candidate for collaborative divorce and how the model you choose directly impacts the children involved. Listen in to understand the ongoing process of reinvention that occurs after the papers are signed and learn how SAS can support you in achieving a new normal in the aftermath of divorce.


How SAS provides support and solutions for women in any stage of divorce

The SAS for Women four-stage divorce roadmap

  1. Something is wrong
  2. Something’s got to change
  3. Something is changing
  4. The new normal

How women in stage one are caught in a vicious cycle

The trigger in stage one that compels women to take action

The importance of connecting with seasoned experts during stage two

What makes a good candidate for the collaborative divorce process

How the model you choose for divorce directly impacts your children

The value in working with a coach to get an overview of available options

The discovery process and reinvention involved in stage three

How stage four brings you to the peaceful rhythm of a new normal


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