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Navigating Eldercare in the Coronavirus Era with Barbara Newman-Mannix

For adult children with aging parents, the current health crisis is particularly stressful. Some of us are caring for Mom or Dad at home without the help we’re used to. Others are cut off from our loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. So, what’s the best way to navigate our new role as caregiver if an elderly parent is home with us? Or stay connected to our aging parents if we can’t see them face-to-face?

Barbara Newman-Mannix is the Founder and CEO of A Dignified Life, a consultancy that helps families understand and manage major life transitions. ADL develops care plans for elder parents and loved ones with chronic illness, connecting families with the professional services they need. Barbara is a fierce advocate for families, supporting them through the difficult healthcare, insurance, legal and financial challenges that come with navigating change around eldercare, end-of-life, divorce or special needs.

On this special episode of Divorce Dialogues, Barbara joins Katherine to discuss eldercare in the Coronavirus era. She offers advice on caring for a senior parent while you’re working from home or staying connected to a loved one you cannot visit in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Listen in for Barbara’s insight on managing stress through the COVID-19 crisis and learn how you can keep your elderly parents safe and happy—whether you’re in the same physical space or not.


Barbara’s advice on caring for a parent while working from home

  • Create work/entertainment space for senior
  • Set timer for breaks or set up video camera

Creating boundaries so that you can be productive at home

The special challenge around caring for a parent with dementia

How to stay connected if you’re separated from a senior parent

  • Share information with family of roommate
  • Send flowers, photos to enhance environment
  • Create levity in phone conversations
  • Use GamePigeon or listen to/read same book

Why it’s crucial to show empathy for the staff at a parent’s facility

Barbara’s insight on managing stress through the COVID-19 crisis

  • Sleep and eat well, drink water
  • Limit consumption of negative news
  • Get fresh air when possible

Why it’s a good time to explore estate planning with your family


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