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In working with divorcing clients, family lawyers develop both legal and financial strategy. But there is a third element to the ‘triad of divorce’—the family. How can we support lawyers in gathering the information they need in the area of child custody? How can we make divorce child-centric and support families in making a fluid transition?

How can we put the ‘family’ back in family law?

Dr. Eric Frazer is the co-founder of Child Custody Analytics, an online platform designed to provide family lawyers with expert information and solutions around child custody. A forensic psychologist in private practice since 2002, Dr. Frazer specializes in Psychological Assessment, and he is well-versed in the contributions psychology brings to family law practices. Dr. Frazer earned his PhD from the Yale University School of Medicine.

Today, Dr. Frazer joins Katherine to discuss the evolution of family law, specifically the current ‘best interest of the child’ standard. He explains the aim of his company, Child Custody Analytics, in facilitating good decision-making and making divorce child-centric. Dr. Frazer walks us through the Child Custody Analytics platform, describing how it serves to gather information from parents, organize it in a meaningful way, and provide lawyers with research-informed guidelines. Listen in for Dr. Frazer’s take on the factors parents should consider in designing a parenting plan and learn why the quality of the time spent with children is more important than the quantity.


How litigation puts children in the middle of conflict, hostility

The definition of the ‘best interest of the child’ standard

Child Custody Analytics’ mission to facilitate good decisions

The legal, financial and family issues associated with divorce

Dr. Frazer’s aim to make divorce child-centric

How Child Custody Analytics helps lawyers develop a psychological strategy

The benefits of taking a proactive approach to the use of child custody expertise

The family lawyer’s role in helping clients appreciate what’s best for their kids

The Child Custody Analytics technology tool to help lawyers gather information

  • Parents list concerns, provide evidence
  • Organizes information in meaningful way

The common myth around parental alienation

Dr. Frazer’s insight on what parents should consider in creating a parenting plan

  • Children’s strengths, weaknesses
  • Individual parental contributions
  • Developmental needs of children

Why the quality of time spent with children is more important than quantity


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