Making Divorce a Little Less Lonely With Jessica Klingbaum and T.H. Irwin

Divorce makes most people feel isolated and alone. But what if you had a friend going through the process at the same time? Someone to lean on for support and share your experiences?


Jessica Klingbaum and T.H. Irwin went through a divorce at the same time, and that shared experience inspired the two friends to found exEXPERTS, a vetted online resource and community for women navigating divorce.


Prior to cofounding exEXPERTS, Jessica spent 22 years as a network news producer, and T.H. built a career in experiential marketing and business development for the media industry.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Jessica and T.H. join Katherine to explain how they benefitted from getting divorced at the same time and explore how supporting each other through the process led to the creation of exEXPERTS.


They discuss the similarities and differences between their divorce processes, describing how Jessica experienced a relatively short, amicable divorce while T.H. endured a long, litigious one.


Listen in for T.H. and Jessica’s insight on how to know your marriage is bad enough to walk away and learn where to go for support, education and empowerment as you navigate divorce.


Topics Covered

How getting divorced at the same time benefitted Jessica & T.H.


What differentiated T.H.’s long, litigious divorce from Jessica’s relatively short, amicable one


How to know if your marriage is bad enough to walk away


How supporting each other through divorce inspired T.H. & Jessica to build exEXPERTS


How exEXPERTS serves as a vetted online resource and community for women


exEXPERTS' purpose to empower, connect and educate women in the divorce process


T.H. & Jessica’s advice on coming to terms with your feelings


Why Jessica was able to maintain a close friendship with her ex while T.H. endured an acrimonious divorce


How a cheating spouse’s remorse can turn to rage


Why T.H. & Jessica suggest getting educated on your options first


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