Suzy Wood

Leveraging Integrative Nutrition to Detox from Divorce With Suzy Wood

According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce is the second most stressful life event after the death of a spouse.


And that stress has an impact on our food choices and overall health.


So, how might we leverage integrative nutrition to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes while we’re coping with divorce?


Suzy Wood is the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach behind True Wellness Within, a platform that helps people make healthy food and lifestyle choices and rebuild their lives after the stress of divorce.


Suzy’s divorce was a calling card to reinvent herself, inspiring her to leave a career in high tech marketing to start her own business and live her best life.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Suzy joins Katherine to discuss the 12 lifestyle factors that must be in balance for you to live a healthy life.


Suzy shares tips for finding an avenue for self-care to help you detox during or after divorce and discusses the importance of discerning what divorce advice works for you—and what doesn’t.


Listen in for Suzy’s techniques to navigate the stressful moments of a divorce negotiation and learn how to leverage divorce as an opportunity to transform your life!


Topics Covered

How divorce gave Suzy the opportunity to transform her outlook on life


How integrative nutrition looks at both lifestyle factors and the foods you eat


The 12 lifestyle factors that must be in balance for you to live a healthy life


How the stress of divorce impacts our food choices and overall health


Suzy’s tips for finding an avenue for self-care to detox during/after divorce


Why Suzy suggests having an outlet to discuss divorce beyond friends and family


How to discern what divorce advice works for you and what doesn’t


What Suzy says to people who are afraid of divorce and don’t know what to do


How Suzy’s coaching program helps people make lasting lifestyle changes


Stress-reduction techniques to use during triggering events in divorce


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