EP: 140


Is Your Marriage Beyond Saving? with Kira Gould

The COVID pandemic has put extra pressure on even the healthiest marriages. And for couples who were already struggling, sheltering in place together has exacerbated our issues. But how do you know if it’s bad enough to call it quits?

Kira Gould is a Certified Divorce Coach and Real Estate Divorce Specialist dedicated to transforming the divorce process from an adversarial knock-down-drag-out to an intention-driven, family-focused journey in personal evolution. She is also the Founder of Getting Unmarried, a coaching platform that helps clients move on with clarity, compassion and positive intention.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Kira joins Katherine to discuss the signs that a marriage is beyond saving, challenging us to ask, ‘Do I have anything left to give this relationship?’ She describes the early warning signs that a couple should get help, explaining how little annoyances can escalate into a battle of ill wills and why vulnerability is a crucial component of healthy communication. Listen in for insight on the physical and emotional displacement of moving when a marriage ends and learn how a real estate divorce expert can help you find a sense of comfort and joy in your new space.


How to recognize when your marriage is beyond saving

The connection between physical and emotional intimacy

The early warning signs that you and your partner should get help (before it’s too late)

Learning to communicate effectively with your spouse

The power in asking, ‘Do I have anything left to give this relationship?’

How little annoyances can escalate into a battle of ill wills

Why vulnerability is crucial to healthy communication

Showing up in a way that encourages open dialogue vs. letting your anger build

Treating your partner with kindness + being present to their bids for attention

Kira’s insight on the physical and emotional displacement of moving due to divorce

Finding a sense of joy and comfort in being in a new space

Kira’s ideas for how to honor the home you shared


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