Dr. Don Wood

How Unresolved Trauma Causes Communication Breakdown With Dr. Don Wood

Communication breakdown in a marriage often leads to divorce.


But the way your partner triggers your nervous system often has nothing to do with them and everything to do with trauma you’ve experienced in the past.


So, what if you could change the way your mind accesses that trauma and stay present with your partner in those moments?


Dr. Don Wood, PhD, is CEO of the Inspired Performance Institute and creator of the patented TIPP method for clearing the effects of traumatic events and rebooting the brain for peak performance.


Dr. Wood is also the author of two bestselling books, Emotional Concussions and You Must Be Out of Your Mind.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Dr. Wood joins Katherine to explain how communication breaks down when the mind perceives a threat and describe how his TIPP method neutralizes our fight-or-flight response.


Dr. Wood walks us through his memory reset process, weighing in on how unresolved trauma adversely effects our physical and mental health.


Listen in to understand how trauma interferes with our ability to perform at the highest level and learn how to interrupt the trauma loop that threatens your marriage!

Topics Covered 

The communication breakdown in Dr. Wood’s marriage that inspired his work


How communication breaks down when our mind perceives a threat and activates our nervous system


Why it’s challenging for couples who’ve both experienced trauma to communicate effectively


How the TIPP method works to reset the way our mind accesses trauma


What Dr. Wood’s 4-hour memory reset process looks like


How unresolved trauma impacts our physical and mental health


How the excess cortisol associated with trauma leads to weight gain


Why Dr. Wood suggests that both people in a marriage clear their trauma


How trauma interferes with our ability to perform at the highest level


Examples of professional athletes Dr. Wood has helped improve their performance


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