Bill Carmody

How to Stay Positive (Even During Divorce!) With Bill Carmody

If your marriage is ending, you may be convinced that things will never be good again.


But what if I told you there is a way to stay positive, even during a divorce? To feel less vulnerable in stressful situations? And change the dynamic of conversations with your ex?


Bill Carmody serves as Chief Coaching Officer for Positive Intelligence, where he oversees the application of mental fitness for thousands of coaches worldwide.


Bill is also the author of the bestselling book The 3 Rules of Marriage, and he is dedicated to being an inspirational leader who creates breakthroughs for himself and solves problems for others.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Bill joins Katherine to explain how Positive Intelligence strategies can help you be less reactive in stressful situations and stay positive regardless of your circumstances.


Bill shares his approach to making progress in high-conflict conversations, challenging us to develop mental fitness and stop the cycle of judgement when we feel criticized by our ex.


Listen in for Bill’s PQ Reps exercise for dropping into your fully present self and learn how to leverage Positive Intelligence to focus on the outcomes you want during a divorce.


Topics Covered 

How Positive Intelligence helps us stay positive regardless of our circumstances


What happens when we let our emotions run us in the process of divorce


Using Positive Intelligence to feel less vulnerable and be less reactive in stressful situations


How to adjust your autonomic nervous system to cultivate a sense of calm


Bill’s PQ Reps exercise for dropping into your body and being fully present in the moment


Bill’s strategies for changing the dynamic of conversations in high-conflict circumstances


How mental fitness allows you to focus on the outcome you want in divorce


Bill’s 3 rules of marriage (don’t keep score, show appreciation & don’t go to bed angry)


Why we tend to judge others when we feel criticized and how to stop that cycle


How PQ Reps can help people who are contemplating or navigating divorce


Why Bill recommends coaching to help you focus on what’s important in divorce


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