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How to Build a Parenting Plan That Work for Your Children with Elyse Goldweber

Among the most painful aspects of divorce is not being able to see our children for extended periods of time. And the holidays can be especially difficult. So, what do divorcing parents need to consider as we negotiate a parenting plan that works for everyone involved? What can we do to protect our kids through the process and design an agreement that is as fair as possible?

Elyse Golweber has 30-plus years of experience in the realm of matrimonial law, family law and the dissolution of business partnerships. She began her career as a trial attorney for the US Department of Justice and served as a lawyer for the SEC’s Division of Enforcement before founding Goldweber Epstein in 1995. Elyse currently serves on the Family Law Committee of the Women’s Bar Association and the Matrimonial Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Elyse joins Katherine to discuss the role of creativity in building a parenting plan specific to the family involved. She explains what it takes to make a 50/50 custody plan work and shares her approach to deciding where children will spend the holidays. Listen in for Elyse’s insight how the attorney for the child impacts divorce negotiations and learn what you can do to protect your kids through this challenging process.


Building a creative parenting plan specific to the family involved

How the parenting agreement serves as the ‘default position’

How Elyse thinks about fairness in the context of parenting plans

When a 50/50 custody agreement is most appropriate + what makes a 50/50 plan work

The challenges of building a parenting plan when the kids don’t want to leave home

Why Elyse prefers 50/50 plans that divide the week over week on/week off plans

The benefits of working with a parent coordinator

The difficult adjustment divorcing parents face in not seeing their children for extended periods

The role of the attorney for the child and how they impact negotiations

Elyse’s approach to determining where kids will spend the holidays

What parents can do to protect their children through divorce negotiations

Elyse’s advice for parents struggling to give up their role as CEO of the family


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