EP: 171

Ann Papayoti

Grief, Gratitude, and Helping Children Navigate Divorce With Ann Papayoti

Divorce is hard. The emotions of the breakup colliding with the legal business is a lot for people to manage mentally. What’s really complicated is when people get too wrapped up in their divorce and fail to see their children’s pain.

But what is the best way to talk to children about divorce? What do they struggle with the most throughout the separation process?

Ann Papayoti is an international life, leadership and relationship coach, as well as a speaker, educator, and co-author of The Gift of Shiftan intimate self-help book about creating a new outlook on life. She is the founder of SkyView Coaching, where she helps people rise above their most challenging moments so they can thrive once again.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Ann joins Katherine to explain the four main things children really want from their parents after a divorce. They discuss the complicated emotions children feel and how parents can make it as easy as possible for their kids to navigate a divorce.

Listen in as Ann shares her experience with divorce that led to becoming a life coach, the relationship between grief and gratitude, and the importance of becoming your own best friend. 


The difference between a divorce coach and a breakup coach

Keeping the emotion of the breakup out of the business of the divorce

The 4 things children want from their parents after a divorce

How parents often fail to show up for their kids emotionally after a divorce

The importance of communication between the child and the parent during and after the separation between the two parents

How children end up in the middle of the communication between parents getting divorced

The relationship between grief and gratitude

Ann’s book and her personal experiences with divorce, grief, and becoming her own best friend

Dealing with betrayal and the importance of trusting yourself


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