For Better Relationships, Set Clear Boundaries With Leanne Kanzler

Do you have a hard time saying NO for fear of letting people down? Do you say YES out of obligation and then resent being coerced into something you didn’t really want to do?


To make relationships work, it’s important to set clear boundaries. But first, you’ve got to take the time to figure out what you want.


Leanne Kanzler is a psychologist and breakup coach who helps clients get to where they deserve to be, a happier and more content place within themselves.


Leanne has supported thousands of people on setting boundaries through her one-to-one coaching, group coaching, and Breakup to Breakthrough online program.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Leanne joins Katherine to explore how boundaries demonstrate respect for yourself and others and explain how to overcome the fear of telling someone what you want.


Leanne discusses the idea of a transformational breakup, describing how divorce can be an opportunity for self-discovery, growth and learning.


Listen in for Leanne’s insight on navigating loneliness after a breakup and learn how to make your relationships more fulfilling by establishing healthy, clear boundaries.


Topics Covered

How Leanne’s own divorce led to a career as a psychologist and breakup coach


Why it’s crucial to set clear boundaries in relationships


How boundaries demonstrate respect for yourself and others


How a coach can help you develop the skill of setting clear boundaries


Reading body language and facial expression to determine if someone is hiding what they really want


Leanne’s advice on overcoming the fear of telling someone what you want


The idea of a transformational breakup and how divorce can be an opportunity for growth


Why we tend to date ‘the same person in a different body’


Why Leanne recommends waiting at least 6 months after a breakup to start dating again


How to handle loneliness on holidays and special occasions after a divorce


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