Special Episode: 2


Divorce & Your Finances in a COVID-19 Economy with Steve Kaplan

The Coronavirus has us all concerned about both our physical and financial health. The economic impact of the pandemic has changed the value of everything overnight, making the process of dividing assets for a divorce settlement particularly challenging. So, what’s the best way to cope with the uncertainty? And what are our options if we need cash in hand right now?

Steve Kaplan is the founder and owner of Steve Kaplan CPA, a practice focused on dispute resolution services out of White Plains, NY. He has 30-plus years of experience in public practice, developing an expertise in business valuation, financial analysis and settlement support. Steve is trained in Collaborative Divorce Practice and mediation, and he is often called upon to speak on a variety of tax, forensic accounting and matrimonial dissolution topics.

On this special episode of Divorce Dialogues, Steve joins Katherine to offer advice on dealing with the current economic uncertainty, reminding us that portfolio values always come back after a downturn. He weighs in on how to think about the valuation of assets if you’re getting a divorce right now, explaining the benefits of choosing the collaborative process when it comes to real estate and business valuation. Listen in for Steve’s insight around the benefits available to those of us who need cashflow now and learn how to take advantage of the changes to the tax code initiated by COVID-19.


Steve’s advice on dealing with the current economic uncertainty

  • Portfolio values come back after downturn
  • Value today less relevant than at exit
  • Taking action now may compound problems

The benefits available to those of us who need cash in hand now

  • Increase in unemployment benefits
  • Small business loans available at low interest rates (e.g.: PPP)
  • Opportunity to borrow from retirement account
  • $1200 checks issued automatically to most taxpayers

How to think about real estate valuation if you’re dividing assets now

Why business valuation is more challenging in the Coronavirus era

The benefits of collaborative divorce in terms of business valuation

Steve’s insight on the changes to the tax code initiated by COVID-19

  • Penalty for borrowing from retirement account waved
  • Minimum distribution requirements waived in 2020
  • Date to file/make first payment on taxes moved to 7/15


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