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Couples Counseling BEFORE the Wheels Come Off with Rachel & Kyle Wright

52% of married people don’t consider themselves happy. Yet, we don’t reach out for support until something is really wrong. Why are we settling for happy enough? What if we sought couples counseling early on and learned how to build truly fulfilling relationships?

Rachel and Kyle Wright are the founders of Wright Wellness Center, a relationship coaching practice designed to change how our culture treats relationships, sex and mental health. WWC offers a catalog of masterclasses, online programs, resources and coaching, affording couples the education and support necessary to build strong, sustainable relationships. Today, Rachel and Kyle join Katherine to explore the value of proactive approach to relationships—rather than a reactive one.

The Wrights offer insight around finding love post-divorce, discussing why it’s a good idea to take a hiatus from dating after the breakup of a serious relationship. Rachel and Kyle also weigh in on how to accept that you see things differently from your partner without getting stuck in a paradigm of right versus wrong. Listen in to understand why you should reach out for counseling as soon as you commit and learn how the Wrights can give you and your partner the tools for an incredible life together!


How Rachel and Kyle help couples be proactive vs. reactive

The Wright’s mission to change how culture treats relationships

Why you should start couples counseling as soon as you commit

Overcoming the shame around going to couples therapy

How the media tends to glorify dysfunctional relationships

How to communicate through the transition of feeling in love

Rachel and Kyle’s advice for finding love post-divorce

  • Look inward first and reconnect with self
  • Reflect on where could have done better

Why the Wrights recommend a hiatus from dating after divorce

Accepting how you see things differently (not right or wrong)

The issues Rachel and Kyle like helping couples with most

The Wright’s relationship assessment and next best step call


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