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Coparenting Through COVID-19 with Cameron Goodman

If you had trouble seeing eye to eye with your ex before the Coronavirus hit, the crisis likely magnified the issue. And with the current restrictions on travel, following your carefully crafted custody plan may be impossible. So, what is the best way to approach coparenting through COVID-19?

Cameron Goodman is the founder of Goodman Law Firm, a Chicago area boutique practice specializing in divorce and family law. With nearly 20 years of legal experience, Cameron is dedicated to helping families in transition move forward with their lives, leveraging the collaborative process whenever possible to produce favorable outcomes.

On this episode, Cameron joins Katherine to discuss the challenges of coparenting through COVID-19. He encourages divorced parents to prioritize their kids’ needs over their own and be flexible with custody plans in light of the pandemic, leveraging mediation to facilitate communication when needed. Listen in for Cameron’s insight on how the collaborative process helps coparents work together in a crisis and learn what you can do to demonstrate good parenting judgement in this unprecedented time.


Being flexible with custody plans in the time of COVID-19

Cameron’s advice for his clients during the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Prioritize kids’ needs over own
  • Adjust schedule to minimize travel

The particular challenge when divorced parents see the crisis differently

When the courts in Illinois are granting ‘emergency relief’

Why it might show good parenting judgement to see your kids less right now

How the collaborative process helps coparents work together in a crisis

Cameron’s description of a high-conflict ‘scorched earth’ divorce

The broader opportunity for creative solutions afforded by a collaborative team of professionals

Cameron’s DO’S and DON’TS for coparenting through COVID-19

  • DO make child available to other parent by phone, follow jurisdiction’s orders for safety
  • DON’T insist on travel exchanges

How mediation can help facilitate communication between coparents

What led Cameron to focus his practice on the collaborative process


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