Jennifer Arthurton

Changing the Narrative on What It Means to Be a Woman in Midlife With Jennifer Arthurton

If your identity is wrapped up in being a wife, a mother and a corporate executive, what happens if you lose your job? Or your kids leave the nest? Or you get a divorce?


In the year leading up to her 50th birthday, all three of those things happened to Jennifer Arthurton at once. And the future seemed like a big black hole.


But then Jennifer realized she had much wisdom and experience to share, and she reinvented herself.


Today, Jennifer is the empowerment coach, podcast host, writer and speaker behind Old Chicks Know Sh*t, a community designed to inspire and support women in midlife in chasing our dreams.


In making her own midlife course corrections, she developed a passion for helping other women uncover the inherent knowledge and power we possess—at a time when we often feel overlooked and doubt ourselves most.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Jennifer joins Katherine to explain what makes the transition to midlife tumultuous for many women and explore how to connect with yourself and create a vision of what you want out of life.


Jennifer discusses why women tend to discount our experiences and accomplishments, describing how to overcome limiting beliefs and rebuild trust in yourself after a divorce.


Listen in for Jennifer’s insight on writing a life resume and learn how to defy cultural stereotypes and make the transition to middle age with confidence!


Topics Covered

What inspired Jennifer to create the Old Chicks Know Sh*t community


Jennifer’s experience of losing her identity as a wife, mother and corporate exec


What makes the transition to midlife tumultuous for many women


Shifting from a focus on the external (what we do for others) to the internal (what’s important to us)


Jennifer’s advice on fostering self-connection to create a vision of what you want from life


What it looks like to overcome limiting beliefs and voice your ideas


The mainstream narrative around what it means to be a woman over 50


Jennifer’s insight on rebuilding trust and belief in yourself after a divorce


Why women discount their own experiences and accomplishments


Jennifer’s challenge to write a life resume of the skills you’ve developed and obstacles you’ve overcome


Jennifer’s perspective on the benefits of being a middle-aged woman


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