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Divorce is a source of trauma. The process is stressful and emotional. Yet it’s also an opportunity. After a settlement has been reached, you can pursue new ambitions, creating a renewed vision for your life moving forward. With the right attitude and preparation, it is possible to profit from the experience.

In 2006, Paul Ross’ marriage of 25 years ended. In the five long years it took Paul and his ex-wife to reach a settlement, he applied his business background to the situation and designed a ten-point plan to help him navigate the process. That blueprint included an approach to controlling costs and recovering wealth as well as a plan to rebuild his life and explore new opportunities once the divorce was final.

Paul’s ten-point plan eventually became a book, How to Profit from Your Divorce. Today, he joins Katherine to explain how his family values were strengthened during the process as Paul and his daughter discovered a new bond. He shares the benefits of sharing your expectations with your ex-spouse, exploring all of your available options, and remaining constructive throughout the process. Paul speaks to the financial aspects of divorce, including the challenge of avoiding debt and ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to legal costs. Listen in and learn how to reframe divorce as an opportunity to create a new vision for your life and to engage in new interests and aspirations.


How Paul leveraged his corporate background to navigate divorce

Paul’s determination to remain positive through the process

How Paul discovered a new bond with his daughter

The opportunity to take stock and determine a new path after divorce

Paul’s ten-point plan for prevailing through the divorce process

The value of sharing your expectations with your ex-spouse

Paul’s advice around considering all available options (i.e.: mediation, DIY)

How to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the costs incurred

The mistakes Paul made in allowing hostility to move into the process

The importance of determining new goals and ambitions post-divorce

What motivated Paul to write How to Profit from Your Divorce

  • Costs can get out of control
  • Help legal professionals understand anxieties
  • Improve legal system

The three meanings of ‘profit’ in the title of Paul’s book

Paul’s strategies for remaining constructive during divorce

  • Respect, appreciate each other’s expectations
  • Keep emotions at bay


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How to Profit from Your Divorce by P. A. Ross


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