Britt Baker

Building a Financial Life for Yourself Post-Divorce With Britt Baker

When it comes to money management, many married women either defer to their partners or work out a financial division of labor.


But the paradigm shifts if you’re getting a divorce. And you may be insecure in your ability to manage money on your own for the first time.


So, how do you overcome the confidence gap and build a successful financial life for yourself post-divorce?


Harvard Business School Graduate and Money Mindset Coach Britt Williams Baker is Cofounder of Dow Janes, a financial education and empowerment platform that helps women pay off debt and get invested.


Britt and her business partner, Laurie-Anne, believe that everyone deserves the confidence, clarity and peace of mind that comes with having your finances handled. And to date, they’ve helped 8,000-plus women set up long-lasting money systems and invest for the first time.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Britt joins Katherine to discuss the concept of a money persona and explain why rewriting the story you’re telling yourself about money is the first step in having a healthy financial life.


Britt describes how to separate money facts from money feelings and walks us through the process of spending in alignment with our values.


Listen in for Britt’s insight on paying off debt quickly and learn how to develop a weekly ritual that makes money management a positive experience for you!

Topics Covered

Overcoming the confidence gap when managing money on your own for the first time


How to uncover your subconscious money persona


Why rewriting your money persona is the first step in having a healthy financial life


When having a very different money persona from your partner is a problem


Some of the basic agreements you need to make before you merge finances with a partner


Deciding IF and HOW you want to share finances with a partner


Why it’s crucial to separate money facts from money feelings (and how to do it)


Britt’s top 2 strategies for paying off debt quickly


Why Britt suggests planning a weekly money ritual


How to spend money in alignment with your values—even after a divorce


Thinking about Future You as a way to frame long-term financial planning

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