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Building a Community to Help You Navigate Divorce with Deanna Coyle

Most people dealing with divorce feel isolated and alone. It’s challenging to find people who really understand what you’re going through and attending events around the divorce process can prove embarrassing. So, where can you go to learn about your options, get recommendations for trusted professionals and connect with other people who truly empathize with your situation? Where can you find a safe, supportive community that will help you find a new life on the other side of divorce?

Deanna Coyle is the founder of Vesta: Redefining Divorce, an organization that seeks to educate, connect and empower people through the divorce process. Deanna is a former Wall Street securities analyst who went through her own emotionally and financially draining divorce, and now she is on a mission to help others transform this challenging life transition into an opportunity for growth. Vesta offers complimentary consultations with legal and financial professionals as well as educational and social events. In five years, Vesta has hosted hundreds of workshops and retreats for more than 1,000 attendees.

Today, Deanna joins Katherine to explain how Vesta is building a supportive community for individuals navigating divorce. She offers insight around Vesta’s post-divorce events and advice on finding your personal power through the process. Listen in to understand the value of working with professionals who have been through divorce themselves—and learn how Vesta can support you in recreating yourself and designing the life you’ve always wanted!


The legal, financial and social/emotional resources Vesta provides

How navigating her own divorce inspired Deanna to found Vesta

The confidential nature of Vesta’s events, workshops and retreats

How Vesta is building a supportive community of divorced people

How Deanna used her own divorce to pursue personal growth

Leveraging divorce as an opportunity to recreate yourself

Deanna’s mission to help people ‘find a new life on the other side’

Vesta’s post-divorce events to focus on health, dating, career, etc.

Deanna’s first steps in finding your personal power after divorce

The value in connecting with people who know divorce firsthand

Vesta clients who developed a new confidence in themselves

Deanna’s advice on getting info for people contemplating divorce

Finding professionals who are a good fit by asking about their WHY


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