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Become Fully ALIVE Through the Divorce Process with Anne-Louise DePalo

Divorce forces us to forge a new identity. Like it or not, life is different now, and we can either fight the change or accept and adapt to a new reality. Best case scenario, we use the crisis as an opportunity to change for the better, making decisions about what we value and focusing on our health and spiritual growth. We can leverage the divorce process to become fully ourselves—and fully ALIVE!

Anne-Louise DePalo is a New York attorney with 30-plus years of experience in the realm of divorce and family law. She is a certified mediator, parent coordinator, spiritual director and collaborative divorce advocate. Ann-Louise is also a founding member of the Staten Island Collaborative Law Group and the author of Divorce: Now What? How to Survive, Thrive and Become Fully Alive Through the Divorce Process.

Today, Anne-Louise joins Katherine to explain how helping people understand their options inspired her to write Divorce: Now What? She walks us through the benefits of the collaborative process, including its interdisciplinary approach and cost-effectiveness. Anne-Louise also shares her strategies for ‘becoming fully alive’ through the divorce process and offers insight into leveraging your anger to move your life forward. Listen in to understand the role a Spiritual Director might play in the divorce process and learn how to see divorce as an opportunity to transform mind, body and soul!


Anne-Louise’s mission to help people understand their options in divorce

Why Anne-Louise prefers the interdisciplinary approach of collaborative law

Why collaborative divorce is much more cost-effective than litigation

The benefit of being in a room together per the collaborative model

How divorce is an opportunity for transformation of the mind, body and soul

Anne-Louise’s strategies for ‘becoming fully alive’ through divorce

  • Deep reflection + creative expression
  • Pursue hobbies and interests
  • Opportunity for spiritual growth

The importance of accepting your new reality rather than fighting change

Anne-Louise’s philosophy that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself

Anne-Louise’s insight on the role of a Spiritual Director in the divorce process

Accepting your anger + using that energy to move your life forward

Anne-Louise’s advice on exploring your options, choosing a divorce attorney


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