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Be Your Best Self in the Divorce Process with Nancy Steiner

The stress of a divorce can bring out the worst in us. Emotions are heightened, and we revert to our most-regressed selves. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can commit to staying in a place of kindness and compassion, whether or not your ex reciprocates, and achieve a better result.

Nancy Steiner is the Founder and President of Steiner Coaching Solutions, a practice dedicated to helping people achieve higher levels of potential, creativity and confidence. Nancy spent 40 years producing documentary films and nonfiction network television, telling stories that offered a deeper understanding of the human condition. In 2018, a health crisis inspired Nancy’s transition to coaching, a career that allows her to connect more deeply with people one-on-one.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Nancy joins Katherine to explain how a coach can help you make decisions about who you want to be in the divorce process. She discusses the benefits of taking the high road, sharing what she did to stay grounded in her best self through her own divorce. Listen in for Nancy’s insight on making a blended family work and learn how a coach can empower you to build the life you want—during and after divorce.


What inspired Nancy’s transition from documentary filmmaker to coach

How Nancy helps clients create their own narrative and move their lives forward

Learning who you want to be in the divorce process

Why it’s so easy to become our most-regressed selves in the divorce process

The benefit of holding to your best self through a divorce

How a good coach helps you find the answers within yourself

The questions a coach might ask to help you stay grounded in your best self

What to do when you catch yourself regressing to your worst self

How Nancy defines a blended family and what a successful blended family looks like

Why very different parenting styles make a blended family more challenging


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