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Asset Protection & Estate Planning in Divorce With Harry Barth

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce, you’ve probably had enough with lawyers. So, why should you consider hiring yet another attorney?


Because if you fail to enlist the help of a lawyer who specializes in estate planning and asset protection, your ex-spouse will have the power to make important decisions about your life. Decisions you no longer trust them to make.


Asset Protection Advocate Harry Barth is Founder and Senior Managing Partner at Barth Calderon, LLP and coauthor of the book Planning Today for All Your Tomorrows.


A nationally recognized speaker on estate, business and asset protection planning, Harry has 40-plus years of experience helping thousands of families protect the assets they’ve worked hard to build.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Harry joins Katherine to explain why he suggests modifying healthcare directives, powers of attorney, wills and trusts in the early stages of divorce.


He encourages us to make decisions about the division of assets in the form of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, describing how this kind of proactive planning around money strengthens a marriage.


Listen in for Harry’s insight on the challenges associated with estate planning for the blended family and learn how an asset protection attorney can serve you during and after a divorce.

Topics Covered

Why Harry suggests modifying healthcare directives and powers of attorney in the early stages of divorce


Harry’s advice on modifying wills and trusts as part of the divorce process


How to create a new will before you know what the property division of your divorce settlement will be


What can happen if you ignore estate planning and asset protection in divorce


The benefit of putting together a special asset protection trust in conjunction with a prenuptial agreement


Using a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to name what assets will and will not be divided when a marriage ends


Why It's a good idea to make decisions about the division of assets while you’re still in a loving place


How premarital planning around money strengthens a marriage


The challenges associated with blended family estate planning and how to ensure your plans for your children are irrevocable


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