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An Investigator’s Role in the Divorce Process with Philip Segal

Curious what your soon-to-be ex-spouse isn’t telling you? If you suspect that your former partner is hiding assets, but you don’t want to hire a forensic accountant until you’re sure, it may be time to talk to an intelligence firm. So, what role does an investigator play in the divorce process? And who are they best equipped to help?

Philip Segal is the Managing Member of Charles Griffin Intelligence, a fact-finding firm that helps clients uncover assets, conduct due diligence, and locate witnesses. Staffed by lawyers, Charles Griffin draws on a global network of investigators to help other lawyers, corporations and individuals who are contemplating or in the midst of litigation. Philip is also the author of The Art of Fact Investigation: Creative Thinking in the Age of Information Overload.

On this episode, Philip joins Katherine to discuss his role in gathering facts for a divorcing client, explaining how he goes about finding concealed assets. He speaks to how his work differs from that of a forensic accountant and describes how to maintain confidentiality in working with an investigator. Listen in to understand Philip’s process for conducting an asset search and learn who SHOULD and SHOULD NOT hire a firm like Charles Griffin Intelligence.


Philip’s role in gathering facts to get a person’s story

How Philip goes about finding concealed assets

How an investigator differs from a forensic accountant

Finding indicators of offshore wealth in onshore dealings

The degree of bank secrecy here in the US

Our emotional investment in money during divorce

The typical profile of a Charles Griffin client

How to maintain confidentiality in working with a PI

Philip’s process for conducting an investigation

  1. Client questionnaire
  2. Fresh search of public record
  3. Present client with memo
  4. Strategic phone calls or subpoenas

Who SHOULD and SHOULD NOT hire Charles Griffin


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