A Superwoman’s Approach to Recovering After Divorce With Eykiena ‘Keena’ Crowley

Divorce means accepting that things didn’t go as planned and adjusting to major changes in your life. It’s about taking on challenges you’re not prepared for at a time when your confidence is shot.


When Eykiena ‘Keena’ Crowley got divorced, she struggled with all of these issues too. But her background as a combat veteran in the US Army meant that she had practice adjusting to unanticipated change.


And she leveraged that military mindset to navigate her divorce. For Keena, giving up was not an option.


Today, Keena is Founder and CEO of My Thriving Life Academy, a company that empowers people to identify their inner gifts and elevate to their pinnacle in life.


Keena is also a divorce recovery coach, international speaker and author of A Superwoman’s Guide to Recovering After Divorce.


On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Keena joins Katherine to explain how the army prepared her for divorce and share her superwoman’s approach to recovering from the breakup of a marriage.


Keena walks us through the five major shifts women experience after divorce, discussing how to reinvent yourself, foster a growth mindset, and focus on the journey ahead.


Listen in for Keena’s insight on finding gratitude (even when things seem dark) and learn how to align yourself with the support you need to adapt to the circumstances and stay positive through divorce.

Topics Covered 

The skills Keena learned in the US Army that prepared her for divorce


How Keena describes her superwoman’s approach to recovering after divorce


5 major shifts women experience after divorce

  1. Identity
  2. Financial
  3. Social
  4. Perspective
  5. Mindset

Keena’s advice on adjusting to the changes associated with divorce


Why Keena suggests intentionally aligning yourself with support


How to practice positive mindset by acknowledging your wins every day


Keena’s insight on finding gratitude when things seem really dark


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