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A Path To Happiness After Midlife Divorce With Diane Burroughs

Divorce Dialogues · A Path To Happiness After Midlife Divorce With Diane BurroughsAfter 24 years of marriage, Diane’s husband - who also happened to be her colleague as a sitcom writer- left her for another, younger woman. Frustrated and alone, she sought resources to ease her pain and found refuge in books and blogs. However, recognizing that very little literature spoke to her directly – as a woman over 50 – Diane began using her unique voice to connect with other women through her blog – Left at 50, and later went on to publish a book titled Restarting Your Life When You Are No Longer A Wife. In this podcast explore what doubts and fears keep women physically, psychologically, and emotionally trapped after divorce. Learn how single women after fifty can rebuild their lives on their own terms!

Diane Burroughs is the author of: Restarting Your Life When You Are No Longer a Wife: One gal’s tale of humor, tears, and hope after being Left at 50 and owner of the blog leftatfifty.com. Diane helps women facing midlife divorce by learning how to take care of themselves and embrace their new identity as a single woman after fifty. 

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Diane joins Katherine to uncover strategies for rebuilding a life after divorce in midlife. She introduces the Doubt Monster – explaining how doubt can creep in and what to do about it. Listen in for Diane’s insights on how to rebound from being lost in “couple identity” and rebuild your individual self to be stronger, happier, more creative, and more action-oriented. 


What inspired Diane to write about restarting life after age 50. 

What it is like to work with your ex-husband, and how to set appropriate boundaries. 

Why developing creative outlets is important for self-discovery. 

What the Doubt Monster is and how to deal with it. 

Diane’s advice for “gray divorcees.”

How to take care of yourself after a major setback like divorce.

How being a “do-er” can benefit you when going through a major life change.

Why taking care of yourself needs to begin now.

How to cope if you have to see your cheating ex-husband every day. 

How to get your ex-husband to move out.


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