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A Humorous Look at the Divorce and Recovery Process with Kevin Cotter

Laughter really can be the best medicine, even when what ails you is a painful divorce.

When Kevin Cotter’s ex-wife moved out of their home, she left her wedding dress in its preservation box—on the middle shelf at the center of the closet. When Kevin asked her what he was supposed to do with it, she said, “Do whatever … you want, I’m not taking the dress!” He eventually shared this backstory with his family, and they brainstormed a number of ideas. It was Kevin’s sister-in-law who suggested that he could probably come up with 101 uses. The laughter was therapeutic, and Kevin realized that sharing his experience through a blog might benefit others as well.

Kevin’s humorous look at the divorce and recovery process evolved to become the book 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress: How One Man Took an Awkward Situation and Made It Hilarious and Practical. Today, Kevin joins Katherine to discuss the unexpected response he received upon launching the blog, from both men and women. He walks us through the evolution of the project, explaining the therapeutic nature of sharing his experience with others and sharing some of his favorite uses for the dress! Listen in for Kevin’s insight on how the time he spent with his brother helped him heal and learn how his ex-wife reacted to the project.


The liberating nature of sharing the divorce experience

The unexpected response Kevin received from both men and women

How a family dinner inspired the 101 Uses… blog and book

The healing quality of brainstorming uses for the dress with family

How the project evolved from a simple list to a website

Kevin’s favorite uses for his ex-wife’s wedding dress

  • Darth Vader scarecrow
  • Snow camouflage

How Kevin found support through the people who reached out

The difference between how men and women responded to the project

How Kevin’s site connects charities with women looking to donate their dresses

How Kevin’s ex-wife reacted to the 101 Uses… project

Why spending time with his brother on the project was integral to Kevin’s healing


My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

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101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress by Kevin Cotter


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