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8 Strategies to Make the Divorce Process Easier With Robin Gardner

Divorce puts you at the intersection of what was and what will be. And while you will feel anger and sadness in the process, what you do with those feelings is up to you. Will you get stuck in those negative emotions and let them drive you? Or will you take advantage of this opportunity to reassess who you want to be and grow into your Best Self?

Robin Gardner is the Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Professional Coach behind The Divorce Coach Robin and Phoenix Life Mastery. She leverages 17 years of experience to help people avoid the most common mistakes in divorce, reduce conflict and make informed decisions throughout the process. Robin offers a free, 30-minute consultation for prospective clients to share their biggest concerns and get a sense of how she can support you.

On this episode of Divorce Dialogues, Robin joins Katherine to share her top eight strategies for making the divorce process easier, explaining how to connect with your Best Self and identify what you value. She challenges us to be more loving and compassionate toward ourselves and reframe our divorce story in a more empowering way. Listen in for Robin’s insight on the power of a calming breath and learn how to use your divorce to reassess what you want and begin a new, more fulfilling life.


Robin’s top 8 strategies for making the divorce process easier

How to connect with your Best Self and limit the power of your ego

Why playing the blame game in divorce doesn’t serve anyone 

What Robin does to help people define their needs and meet them 

Forgiving yourself for divorce and allowing happiness + pleasure into your life

How to be more loving and compassionate toward yourself through a divorce

How to reframe your story in a more empowering way

The power of a calming breath to help you think more clearly

Robin’s advice on taking small action steps to create forward movement

Why it’s advantageous to work with a divorce coach vs. a therapist


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